Immanuel Icons

an orthodox christian iconography studio
in pittsburgh, pennsylvania

The ones listed with a price are available for purchase.  If you
have a specific icon in mind, you may commission Immanuel Icons.  (Icons in the left-hand column are unavailable, but may give you ideas!)
based on the Sinai Christ at St. Catherine's Monastery in Egypt. One of the earliest extant icons.
The Anastasis (Resurrection/Descent into Hades). 30"X38." This now hangs at Regina Chapel at St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana.
A pair (diptych) such as this could form the centerpiece for a home altar or icon corner. These are on recessed boards on a 24k gold background. This type of icon of Mary is called the "Hodigitria," or "Mother of God of Guidance/of the Way."
The Nativity of Christ
Patron saint of FOCUS, Pittsburgh, and on its way there.
Theotokos of Tenderness, 13X17", $750
Archangel Gabriel, 5.5"X7" $250
Saint Nicholas, 5.5"X7" $250
Coptic Theotokos (Ethiopian)
Theotokos of the Sign
A note on copyright

Artwork, including iconography, remains the property of the Artist and his/her heirs and assigns for the lifetime of the Artist plus 70 years, according to U.S. and International Law.  Please do not reproduce images from this website.  Feel free to link to pages on this website but not to jpegs.  If you want to use these images, write "" at the side or bottom of the image.  E-mail me and tell me what it's for and I'll send you a much higher resolution.  For more information on artists rights, go to

Face of Christ, 9X11.5, $300
Theotokos with Magnificat, 8"X10"
Saint Matthew, 11.5"X15"
Three Hierarchs, 24"X28"X1.5" $1250
Saint John of Damascus
Holy Face
See the Gallery, Iconostasis page for icons by Immanuel Icons in a church setting.