Immanuel Icons

an orthodox christian iconography studio
in pittsburgh, pennsylvania

Icons from the Iconostasis of 
The Antiochian Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross
Walker, Michigan

Completed:  August, 2017
Installed:  January, 2017

six icons on the main row only (not the upper tier)
On large projects, such as the icons for an iconostasis, Randi Sider-Rose (above) and Amy Hogg (left) will be working together as a team. We painted the icons for the icons on this page together, by the grace of God. Historically, icons were almost always painted by more than one person, with each iconographer--often in a monastic setting or communal studio--specializing in a different part (e.g. building the boards or gilding or faces). We believe that iconography in the modern age has sometimes gotten too individualistic--the most egregious example of which is signing one's icon--and that working communally cultivates humility as well as produces a better icon.